Courtney Plas

Designer Stylist, Nail & Body Technician

Courtney graduated from Regency Beauty Institute and began her career in 2009. After graduation she began working with Aveda and has been with Adeva Salon & Spa since. She says, "I love what Aveda stands for and that they give back to both clients and the environment." After completing an Apprenticeship at Adeva, Courtney studied relaxation massage in order to become certified to perform various types of relaxing and stress-reducing massages. Courtney is constantly continuing her education through Aveda's advanced classes in skin, color, haircuts, and the top trends in the beauty industry. Her sunny personality shines through in her services as she; she says her favorite part of what she does is allowing people to feel relaxed, beautiful, and educated on the pampered services that they are receiving. Courtney explains, "It' my dream job."